Who Is Who?!

Living in a world full of human beings and physical things?

So as I;

What is the 1st moment that a human undergoes a feeling? I know that it is some what a considerable question, it is the moment we are born physically. We are born with a cry, even though the control is out of reach for a conscious mind.

Popping up any second thoughts?

Yes. It’s human nature.  questions each and every detail that the mind captures, ques up for justifications. If the mind comes to an agreement that the detail just captured is justified up to the satisfaction, then it is learned. We learn each and everything either by questioning from someone or questioning from ourselves; which is called “Thinking”.

What is a “Thought”?

We are made up of atoms. Every single thing is made up from atoms.

  1. Atoms inside the blood of the heart: bursts!!
  2. A ‘dash’ from the blasting of the atom is the outcome of the burst.
  3. The ‘dash’ can carry only two waves;




If your imagination is positive; thought is positive

If your imagination is negative; thought is negative

Simple. Ain’t it??








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